Flexible Framework

• Implement your own training philosophy

• Intuitive user interface

• Make changes quickly and easily

Increased Organization

Eliminates manual input of spreadsheet system

• Support multiple program writers

• Online platform is paperless

Think of program writing with SpartaTrac like a blank canvas. Designed by coaches from Sparta Performance Science with over a decade of experience at the University and Professional level, each feature of the software was carefully thought out from a coaches perspective. Coaches can implement their own training philosophy, manage multiple teams with one platform, individualize workouts for individuals or positions within a team, and instantly transition between seasons or training cycles. The user interface, or “Coaches Dashboard,” provides an intuitive workspace for coaches to create programs based on team goals and sound philosophies. SpartaTrac users who take advantage of Force Plate Scanning can use the Movement Signatures to asses program efficacy and create evidence-based training philosophies.

SpartaTrac takes the manual data input out of program writing. Athletes can input their own data (1RM, weights, running times, etc.) into their programs, so coaches don’t have to re-input results and can make changes and update workouts faster and more effectively. Unlike a spreadsheet-based system, SpartaTrac is an online platform, making mobile data entry, athlete involvement and information sharing easy. In addition, the platform supports unlimited users, so multiple coaches in an organization or department can create programs independently and implement them with their teams.

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