Simple and Repeatable

• Get useful data quickly and consistently

• Scan an entire team in under 30 minutes

• Avoid anxiety of “testing day”

A New Benchmark

• Find athletes’ strengths and weaknesses

• Assess major injury risks

• Evaluate effectiveness of training programs

Patent Pending Scan

Evaluating an entire team of athletes can be time consuming and difficult. Previous evaluation techniques are either too subjective or leave coaches wondering what to do next.  SpartaTrac has distilled athlete evaluation down to a simple exact science. Currently athletes perform a “Scan” on a force plate which is comprised of series of vertical jumps, validated by 3rd party research. We use vertical jump for two reasons. First, it is simple and repeatable; the two keys to a reliable test. Second, vertical jump performance has validity; the highest correlation to athletic performance, like sprinting and agility, as well as concurrent focus on injury prevention.

Movement Signatures

Developed at Sparta Performance Science, SpartaTrac software collects data from the Scan and compares it to thousands of tests from other athletes in the SpartaTrac database. With over 50,000 trials collected from elite athletes, the database has been independently published by third parties at the University of Paris and reviewed by the primary statisticians for Stanford University. From this data, a profile for each athlete is created called a Movement Signature. More comprehensive than measuring the simple height of a jump, or speed of a sprint, the Movement Signature is a graphical representation of how each athletes’ nervous system works; what it’s good at, and what needs improvement. The Movement Signature identifies key injury risks, shows training progress and is a great tool for evaluating the efficacy of training programs. And because the scan takes very little time and doesn’t require a “Personal Best” from the athlete, it is perfect for in-season evaluation and injury progress tracking.

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